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Music discovery has never been so engaging and interesting.

Main Features

Music recommendation with your tastes


FMFinder let you browse all the songs catalog in your Music application. The current playback song section will detect the now playing song in your iPod music application and suggest you the similar songs of that one.

Besides, there are 4 options to browse your entire music library:

Keep up with the trend


FMFinder let you view the top songs from, iTunes songs or iTunes music videos, the number of songs downloaded each time is managed through Settings function, maximum of 300 songs can be viewed at once. songs are downloaded on the global chart, while iTunes songs and iTunes music videos are downloaded on the country basis, the country setting can be changed in Settings section of the application. This country will also affect the iTunes Store application, it will load the song or the artist of the selected country of the iTunes Store.

Beautiful songs/artists visualization graph


The graph is built using a physics engine, capable of balancing itself and position the nodes so that they are laid out in the right position

You can even hold and drag the song in the graph and move it to a new position, it will automatically balance the graph to best fit the screen and the distance between the nodes in the graph. Touch on a node in the graph will open the popup or a new view that shows Preview video, YouTube videos, song/artist information. After the Preview video finished playing, there are options to buy the Song or Music Video on iTunes, or view Artist on iTunes.

Search for the songs/artists you love


FMFinder integrates the Search function to let you search for any songs by titles or by artists, once you find the song you want, tap on it to see the similar songs. Tap on any song of an artist to view the similar songs, then tap on Artists to see the similar artists to the artist of the current song.

Music video preview and song preview


FMFinder automatically plays the video preview of the song in case it finds the video preview in iTunes, if it does not find the video preview, the audio preview will be played instead. This creates a unique experience of browsing new songs.

YouTube related video


FMFinder loads all the playable YouTube video of the current song or the current artist, because of legal copyright, Google may restrict the number of videos playable on the iPhone or iPad

Song facts and artist biography


FMFinder contains an info section which has all information about the song, such as, artist, album, duration and song facts wiki, biography of the artist.

Unlimited songs discovery


With FMFinder, you can navigate from one song to the other, view the related songs of even a thousand level in depth.


1 How is the app FMFinder better than its competitors on the market?

FMFinder can access your entire music library. Several options are available to access your music library: by playlists, by albums, by artists or by browsing all the songs. The "now playing item" function will suggest songs based on the current playing song in Music application. When browsing the playlists, every playlist in your Music app will be present, selecting one playlist opens all songs of that playlist, and songs suggestions are based on the song selected from this playlist. The same applies for albums, and artists. Those are the unique features that we believe other competitors on the market do not have.

2 How do I use the Search, which is the prefer method of Search?

Search function in the application will give the results of the songs based on the song title or the artist name. If you know the artist name, it's usually a good strategy to enter the exact artist name. If you don't, you may enter the song title, however, results may be very large.

3 I open "Top songs" and it does not display any song, what has just happened?

You might not be connected to the internet, or the server from stops responding for a while, you could check back later, or browse the iTunes songs, music videos as the alternatives.

4 I tap the button "Buy song on iTunes", but iTunes does not display the song in the Store. What happened?

You have to choose the country that is the same as the country you used to access iTunes in order to open the song. This can be done in Settings section of the application. Currently, limited countries are supported, we are working hard to bring all the countries available in the application.

5 How are the similarities between songs/artists defined?

Songs/artists similarities are determined by listening data from, and besides, by an algorithm that combines the listeners number, songs/artists popularities, songs genres. Further details can be consulted in this article.

6 I opened a song in my iPod library, it does not show any similar songs. What happened?

The song you opened might be the new song that listening data has not been gathered on, if you searched for that song using Search function, you might want to search again by using the Artist filter and input the Artist name, sometimes, the same song has multiple versions, only the one from the right artist gives the correct results on the graph.

7 Why can't I play some YouTube videos?

Google has different strategies on handling songs copyright in different market, so you might not be able to play the song related to the ones you are querying.

I tap on "Current playback song" and the app just shows me the "Info, there is no playing item in your iPod/Music app". What should I do?

Because you currently don't play any song in the Music application, open the Music app and choose a song to Play, then come back to FMFinder and it will show you all the similar songs of the currently playing item

9 I open "iPod Music library -> All Songs" and it does not display any song. What is the possible cause?

You do not currently have any song on your device, you can buy the songs on iTunes or you can use the other features in the application such as browsing the "Top songs", "Top iTunes songs", "Top iTunes music videos" or by searching for the song by title or artist

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